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Richard Cohen

Richard is the principal of the organization and leverages decades of relationships throughout the industry to bring clients the services they need. Richard has over 30 years of experience in both residential and commercial construction and has a Bachelor or Science from Clemson University in Construction Management . While Richard began his career in residential construction, he spent over 25 years working for Hensel Phelps; one of the largest buildings services, development and design build construction companies in the United States. Richard's career included holding nearly every position on projects overseeing the management of day to day operations at the project sites. In addition, Richard spent over 12 years in an executive leadership role in both the MidAtlantic Region and Southeast Region of the United States. This leadership role included managing all operations for the South Florida Regional Office business unit covering the Tri-County area and the Caribbean markets.

Richard's career involved projects from almost every market on both the public and private side of the industry. These market sectors include:

  • Public Safety Buildings

  • Government Office Buildings

  • Municipal Parks and Recreational Facilities

  • Aquatic Facilities

  • Court Houses

  • Museums

  • Detention Facilities

  • Office Buildings

  • Hospitality

  • Multi-Family Apartments

  • Rail and Bus Operation Centers

  • Maintenance Facilitates for Public Transportation

  • Water and Waste Treatment

Richard's involvement in feasibility studies, project development, programming, design, construction and building services gives him a unique understanding of the entire life cycle of each project. His broad range of experience over all aspects of the project life cycle allows for long range vision and a comprehensive understanding of how each decision affects not just the short-term outcome but the long-term implications each decision has on the maintenance, operations and the sustainability of the project.

In addition to providing consulting services Richard is the Chief Operating Officer for Capital Group P3 Development. Capital Group P3 Development is a real estate development company focused almost exclusively on the Public Private Partnership model.

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